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Tadalista – a highly effective sex booster for unforgettable sex!

Passionate sex, vivid emotions, and incredible sensations are the key to a long and happy relationship. Tadalista provides all the necessary to every man, boosting your erection without harm to health.

What are the main Tadalista benefits?
Today millions of men use generic Cialis to regain their sexual performance. Just one Tadalista pill provides some unique benefits for great sex. Among them:
• Strong sexual desire
• Powerful and long-lasting erection
• Increased sensitivity
• Fast recovery between intercourses
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Tadalista dosage form
Centurion Laboratories manufactures generic Cialis in the form of small, biconvex yellow tablets. ED medicine from India is distributed in small cartons. Each blister contains ten tablets.

What are ED drug ingredients?
Tadalafil is the main generic active ingredient of this medicine. It’s highly effective and safe. This component is widely used to restore male potency. In addition, each pill contains several safe auxiliary components that enhance the effectiveness of the medication.

How does Tadalista work?
Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and acts within 30 minutes after consumption. Tadalista dilates the vessels of the penis, allowing blood to fill the corpus cavernosum. It results in a powerful and long-lasting erection, perfect fit for passionate sex!

How to talk generic Cialis for the best result?
You should take one tablet one hour before your scheduled sex. Take a pill with water, and very soon, you will be ready for long and passionate sex. During the next 36 hours, you will be at your highest sexual performance.

Tadalista side effects
Generic Cialis does not cause dangerous side effects. However non-dangerous unpleasant symptoms can occur, for example:
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Skin redness